Life Has Its Trials

Life has its trials, sometimes they are many,
And sometimes it feels as some folks not got any.
We never do know, though, what others go through,
For we don’t live with them, don’t know what they do.

But many are those filled with heartaches galore,
While so many others their pain they ignore.
So many weep silently now on their beds,
While others are having a party, instead.

Jesus is one who does care for the hurting,
For those who call to Him, their pain they are blurting.
He’ll reach out and touch them and heal those in pain.
For those who trust in Him new lives they do gain.

He promises not all relief from our suffering,
But from all evil, our lives He is buffering.
He comforts in sorrow, gives purpose in pain,
When we will abide in Him, in Him remain.

An Original Work / October 16, 2022

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