With the Testing of Time

With the testing of time,
Not are all on God’s side.
Many counterfeits here
Who of God unaware.

Not like they didn’t know,
But refused to Him bow,
And they put on a show
Which was really quite low.

They pretend to be His
But His word not their Biz.
After flesh they do go,
And the world they do know.

Sin is their habitat,
Go for this, go for that,
Sin a little bit here,
Sin some more over there.

Righteousness all for show,
For the Lord they don’t know.
Flesh is really their King,
Bow to it everything.

Jesus Christ not their Lord,
For with Him they are bored.
The enticement of flesh
Puts their lives in a mess.

So, the Lord calls to them
To repent of their sin,
And to follow Him now,
And their lives to Him bow,

Follow Jesus in truth,
And to not be uncouth,
Live in holiness here,
Spend eternity THERE
(in heaven with Jesus).

An Original Work / October 8, 2022

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