When Teardrops Fall

When the teardrops fall, I do call on my Lord.
He is my support as I walk through the storm.
In the womb of my mother, my life He did form,
All that was for me He had planned ‘fore I was born.

God never promised us a life without tears,
A life without misery, a life without fears.
Our Lord Jesus told us what it meant to follow Him,
It means we’ll be hated and be treated just like Him.

Yes, suffering is hard, not meant to be easy,
For life on this earth is not meant to be breezy.
We learn through what we suffer to grow in Christian faith.
We learn how to love and how our sins we’re to abate.

Crying, it’s okay, it releases all the tension,
Then we give all to God, for He now has our attention.
Then faith, walk we in it, despite our circumstances,
For God, He is with us, this is not happenstances.

An Original Work / October 5, 2022

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