What’s Important?

Christian brother, where are you?
Christian sister, and you, too.
What’s important? Do you know?
Does it matter? Does it show?

Your intentions, what are they?
Read your Bible, kneel and pray?
Have devotions here and there?
Share the gospel anywhere?

Some of you are quite sincere,
Follow Jesus, have Him near.
Hearts are given o’er to Christ.
Now to sin NOT are enticed.

Follow Jesus where He leads,
On His word you daily feed.
Share the gospel, Christ to know,
Hearts sincere, and not for show.

But while others fall in sin,
Not the souls of folks to win.
Self-absorbed and self-defiled,
Self-indulgent all the while.

Make professions, not in fact,
Their confessions not intact.
Love their idols, play their games,
And they remain just the same.

So, the calling here is this,
Don’t let your faith be amiss.
Turn from your sins, follow God,
Righteousness now you applaud.

Faithful you in service be,
Walking with Christ tenderly,
Follow Him in what He says,
Your faith in Him now express.

An Original Work / October 1, 2022

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