Tell-Tale Signs

The tell-tale signs of liars lies
Are often seen within their eyes.
Their body language tells a lot
When they are then put on the spot.

They will not look you in the eyes,
Or else they’ll put on a disguise.
Pretending is part of their game,
They shift from truth and others blame.

Forgetful are they, truth not tell,
Their made up stories straight from hell.
They tell the same stuff o’er and o’er,
The truth you tell them, they abhor.

They will not listen to the truth,
For they are surely so uncouth.
They may pretend from time to time
That what they’re doing’s not a crime.

The truth they not tell bothers them,
For it exposes lies, and then
It calls them to repent of sins
And to the Lord be obedient.

But they’re content within their lies
To live and put on a disguise.
The fear of God, they have not known,
And so in Him they have not grown.

So life eternal not for them
And of their sins they’re not forgiven,
For they refuse belief in God.
They follow the road that is broad.

So be not like them, tell the truth.
Follow Jesus. Be like Ruth.
Go where’er your Savior leads you,
Live the truth of what He feeds you.

An Original Work / August 6, 2022

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