Why Are You Angry?

When misunderstandings happen

Why are you angry?
How did I offend?
I meant only good
To encourage a friend.

I’ve been where you were,
Not exact, but close by,
So why did my words
With your actions deny?

Why did you not talk
With me, let me know why
You didn’t like what I said?
You just said “Goodbye!”

Thought I was helping
Explain what you shared.
Empathized with you,
I felt every care.

I meant no offense,
Not to hurt, but to help.
I love you in Christ,
Am not thinking of self.

I wish there’s a way
We could talk this all through.
Our friendship I hope
We can surely renew.

Will you give me a chance
To explain where I am?
Will you hear from my heart
What I truly meant?

It saddens me so
That you walked away,
Not a word from your lips
So I’d know how to pray.

An Original Work / July 23, 2022

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