Your Desire is My Desire

An Original Work / July 17, 2022

Your desire is my desire.
You have set my heart on fire.
Your love leads me, follow You,
Faithful be, my witness true.

Give all of I have to You,
Loyalty to You is due.
Walk with You throughout the day
As I bow my heart and pray.

Need Your grace to give me power
To walk with You in this hour.
Troubles wait me round the corner
From those who defy Your borders.

Witness truly, truth to tell
To those who head straight to hell.
Teach them to repent, obey,
Follow Jesus every day.

Bless those who will persecute.
Love them truly. Do not shoot!
Pray for them, to them be kind,
So that God’s grace they will find.

Do not shrink back, persevere.
Let the truth of Christ be heard.
Speak the truth, it’s needed much.
Don’t get caught in “such and such”.

Many teaching lies to people
So that they will be their sheeple.
Teaching them to not repent,
From their sins to not relent.

Spiritual warfare now aflame,
People now remaining same,
Need revival, change of hearts,
Who from Jesus not depart.

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