Encouragement for Christians

An Original Work / July 15, 2022

Encouragement is good, wouldn’t you say?
We need it to survive throughout each day.
The people in our lives spurring us on
Are such a blessing from God – Christ His Son.

But what if we don’t have it? What to say?
Can we still make it through this anyway?
E’en if all forsake us, what say you then?
Christ will ne’er forsake us. So say Amen!

For Christ, He did not promise life with ease.
Said we must forsake our sins, Him to please.
Said we would be hated by men with pride,
Who try to take so many for a ride.

So do not be discouraged, trust your life
Into the hands of God and have not strife.
Let Him be your support on every day,
But thank Him for the folks He sends your way.

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