It’s Life on Earth

An Original Work / July 13, 2022

Here we are, it’s life on earth
Ever since God gave us birth.
Born in sin in Adam’s look,
Satan had us on his hook.

Did we as we wanted to –
Told the lies, blamed others, too,
Cheated on our tests in school,
Did not like to follow rules.

Then one day we learned about
God’s salvation. Did not doubt.
Humbled ourselves, bent the knee,
From our sins He set us free!

New lives gave us, born in Him,
Set free from slav’ry to sin.
Walk with him in fellowship,
New lives in Christ, got a grip.

Follow Him where’er He leads,
Read His word, on truth do feed,
Talk with him throughout the day,
Listen to Him as we pray.

Obey Him, what He commands,
Do not balk at his demands.
Love to please Him every way,
Not just once, but day to day.

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