Ups and Downs

An Original Work / July 9, 2022

Life has its ups and downs.
Sometimes laughter. Sometimes frowns.
The ins and outs not clear.
Faith is challenged. Do not fear!

A miracle far out
It seems to be, without doubt.
All hopeless now it seems,
What is hoped for not just dreams.

A sinking feeling there
Might leave someone in despair.
A sigh comes from one’s chest –
So much, so much to invest.

The body so worn out,
One not knowing what’s about.
A complicated scene,
Leaves one wond’ring what has been.

As humans now we find
We can’t open eyes that’re blind.
We can’t change another’s heart,
We can’t give a brand new start.

All we can do is tell the truth
To those who now seem so uncouth.
Then leave them in the hands of God
And trust the Lord they’ll not defraud.

And pray for them, God change their hearts,
That from his grace they not depart.
Then walk by faith, fear not give in,
With Christ the vict’ry we will win.

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