Grave Disaster

An Original Work / June 21, 2022

Grave disaster going faster
Many make the devil master
Follow him where’er he leads them
Singing songs, salute his anthem

Flocking now to all their heroes
Who then do make strange bedfellows
Knock on doors, salute their master
Who is bringing evil faster

Wisdom speaking through the windows,
“Why you follow strange bedfellows?
Why you listen to their teachings?
Why you not have your misgivings?

“Why you not respond in wisdom?
Why you not have any vision?
Why you follow what is trouble?
Why you walk a walk that’s double?”

Keep in step with godly wisdom
And you will have perfect vision
Follow where the Savior leads you
And from your sins He will heal you

Trust in Jesus as your Savior
And He’ll give you of His favor
Release you from sin’s disaster
So you’ll live forever after

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