Hurting and Lonely

An Original Work / June 10, 2022

Are you hurting, feeling lonely,
Feeling sometimes it’s you only,
Not sure others feel what you do,
Not sure they know what you’ve been through?

Do you have those who berate you?
Do they mock you, trick you, hate you?
Try to make you think you’re crazy,
Try convince you mem’ry’s hazy?

Many do this. It’s their habit
To suppress the truth, to hide it.
So they cast the blame on others –
Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers.

Try convince them that it’s their fault,
They’re the ones who brought things to halt.
If they’d only done things that way,
Things be different, not be this way.

You are not alone, I tell you.
Many people feel what you do.
Many folk live with abusers
Who are haters and they’re users.

Take advantage: weak and helpless,
Those who’re trusting, those who’re selfless,
Those who’re loving and who are kind,
Those who have good will in their minds.

Be encouraged, you’re not alone,
Others have traveled where you’ve gone.
Some survived it, some left behind,
Some, in Christ, true hope they did find.

Best solution: Trust Jesus Christ.
Give Him ev’ry part of your life.
Let Him lead you where you should go,
Then true hope in Christ you will know.

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