Danger’s Lurking

An Original Work / June 6, 2022

Danger’s lurking, humans squirreling,
Minds are filled with garbage hurling,
Life’s disaster going faster,
Sin is now their Lord and Master.

Open letter to the hurting,
Sin is danger, don’t be flirting.
Don’t escape in what is magic
Or life can turn and be tragic.

Time on earth not without limits,
Time is ticking hours and minutes,
No one knows the final hour
When his life will have no power.

Life is not for sinful pleasure,
Life is gift of God in measure
Given us to live for Jesus,
Not to do just what will please us.

Turn from your sin, follow your Lord,
Forsake idols, do not them hoard.
Make the Lord your Lord and Master,
Life will not end in disaster.

Please take this to heart and do it,
Give your sins up, now be through it.
Surrender your life to Jesus,
For from our sins he does free us.

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