God Had a Plan for My Life

An Original Work / May 29, 2022

God formed me in the womb of my mother
He planned I would serve Him and no other
He spoke to me one day through a sermon
He wanted me, wanted me to hear Him

I sat on that hard bench in pavilion
At camp which is stationed in Vermillion
I left sin and Satan’s life dominion
No longer was I earth’s flesh civilian

Citizen of heaven now my station
The joy of which now to my elation
My Lord Jesus Christ now my salvation
My fellowship with Him now my haven

My age then was prob’ly six or seven
I knew I was on my way to heaven
My sins now I knew were then forgiven
My life was for God to live to please Him

Now skip nearly fifty years to future
Called of God to now use a computer
With Lord Jesus Christ as now my tutor
And Holy Spirit there me to nurture

Called of God to write down what I’m learning
From His Word in promises and warnings
And of the things His Word now instructing
And of his love and grace now informing

This is my call of God, it’s my mission
To share with the world God’s call and vision –
The life He now has for us to live in
In holiness, freedom now from our sin

So, walk with him daily in obedience
Don’t delay but let it be immediate
Leave your lives of sin, don’t be deviant
Follow Christ in all ways, be expedient

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