Always Wandering

Sadly, this describes many people professing faith in Jesus Christ today who think that their salvation is free license to continue living in wickedness.

An Original Work / May 19, 2022

Always learning, never able
To come to the truth.
Always wand’ring, never stable,
‘Cause you’re so uncouth.

Ever reaching for the fable,
Truth you do not tell.
Heaven’s gates to you not open.
You’ll go straight to hell.

Daily doing sins you’re brewing.
You not blink an eye.
Pride your necklace, born a rebel,
Care not that you’ll die.

Day by day you serve your idols,
Never miss a trick.
Go through motions of religion,
Through thin and through thick.

Hidden secrets, unseen places,
Think no one can see.
Cherished mistress, lust advances,
You will not be free.

Word of God speaks out against it,
You not take to heart.
Believe not a faithful witness,
From God you depart.

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