False Shepherds

An Original Work / April 8, 2022

Haters hate and lives do take
Faulty promises do make
In and out, they’re on their path
Ruined lives in aftermath

March about in all their pride
They take people for a ride
Charmers, some of them do be
Not let people to be free

Winning followers to them
Turning them not from their sins
Lead them now to live for self
And put God’s Word on the shelf

Deceive them is still their game
Doing so now without shame
Capture them with all their tricks
Doing so, they get their kicks.

They care not of who they hurt
They treat people like they’re dirt
All’s a game to them, in truth,
They can be now so uncouth

Breaks my heart how so few care
People’s lives are in despair
Dying in their sin, are they,
Haters just see them as prey

Jesus died for all your sin
So that you would walk with Him
Forsake your sins, turnabout,
Follow Jesus without doubt

He’ll give you new life in Him
You will be then “born again”
No longer living in sin
Live your life now just for Him

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