Loneliness and Longing

An Original Work / March 30, 2022

Loneliness and longing
Want to feel belonging
Searching for direction
Asking God a question

What on earth’s my purpose?
Am I just a goofus?
Do I really matter?
Am I torn and tattered?

Am I just a nothing?
Or do I have something
In me that is useful?
Can I now be fruitful?

Jesus has the answer
He is now your purpose
He’ll give you direction,
Answering your questions.

He gave His life for you
So you’d walk in His truth
Set you free from your sin
So you’d be forgiven

He says turn from your sin
Walk in His ways, in Him
Follow where He leads you
He will be to you true

Fellowship with Him now
Before Him your heart bow
Make Him Lord and Master
Not ‘twill be disaster

Peace and joy He’ll give you
He’ll show you what is true
Show you what’s your purpose
To give Him your worship

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