I Pray You Tell

An Original Work / February 27, 2022

Hello, hello, I pray you tell
That time’s a ticking on the shelf
That murders’ mysteries ring their chimes
While devil’s advocates do their crimes

While honeymooners swoon and swoon
From night and morning, afternoon
While children playing all their games
Pay no attention to what’s insane

While master craftsmen sing their tunes
While empty vessels blow their balloons
While entertainers do their tricks
While five and six pick up their sticks

But then what happens, do you say
When God’s people forget to pray
When they’re so caught up in this world
That God’s instructions they have hurled?

Will God sit silent and never say,
“I’m calling you to bow and pray,
Repent of sins, put them aside,
And be now only my pure bride?”

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