Battles of the Mind

An Original Work / February 17, 2022

Our enemy, he prowls about,
Attacking minds, instilling doubt.
He wants us fearful, doubting God.
He wants us fallen, in his squad.

He whispers nothings in our ears,
He wants to fill our minds with fears.
He loves confusion, fears, and doubts.
Division’s what he’s all about.

He’s lacking sense in all he does,
For he is Satan, and because
A fallen creature, that he is,
A liar who is in show biz.

He masquerades as righteousness,
But light is truth, and he’s a mess.
His light is dark. He bites. He barks.
For he’s a dog, and he’s a shark.

He twists the truth, and tells his lies,
The truth of God’s Word he belies.
He turns sin into something good,
And righteousness he not withstood.

And many people follow him,
For he says, “Not forsake your sin.
Forget all of your God’s commands,
And on your flesh now take your stand.

“A party now let’s have instead,
And make your idols now your head.
But claim in Christ you do believe,
So hope of heaven you receive.”

But he tells lies, not trust in him.
In truth, you must forsake your sin,
Turn from your idols, turn to God,
Obey his truth, in Him now plod.

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