Bring Them Home

An Original Work / January 29, 2022

They are wand’ring far from home,
From the Lord their souls do roam.
Looking not to God above,
Trusting not in Jesus’ love.

Trusting in themselves alone,
Spending time on their Smart Phones
Doing what their flesh desires,
And do not what God requires.

Looking to the flesh of man,
Not on God’s grace do they stand.
Stand on intellect and flesh,
With the world they truly mesh.

Walking not by faith in Christ,
Taking God’s word now by heist,
They pervert the Word of God,
And on God’s grace they do trod.

They care not what God’s Word says,
They prefer the lies, instead.
They’re not instruments of grace,
Not see Jesus face to face.

They profess their faith in God,
To their idols, though, do nod.
God is calling to repent,
From their idols to relent.

But so many do not hear.
They put fingers in their ears.
Will not listen to the truth,
And can be now so uncouth.

So we pray to God above,
That they will respond to love,
Will repent of all their sins,
And obey the Lord and win.

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