And Then Life Would be Grand

An Original Work / December 28, 2021

He walked into a room
And took her by the hand.
He’d marry her one day
And then life would be grand.

His dreams would all come true,
All that he’d thought about.
He wanted life with her,
To him there was no doubt.

The wedding day arrived,
All joyful was he now.
The one he dreamed about,
His life to her would vow.

But then the truth revealed
It wasn’t her he loved
But self was in first place
And lust was his first love.

To her he’d not be true,
His vows were all misplaced.
They could not be one flesh,
His flesh to others gave.

The lies they did compound
As he did run around.
A false impression gave
Of love not to be found.

He played the Jekyll Hyde,
With hate down deep inside
No sympathy for her
No care his sins did hide.

She was just to be used
To satisfy his thirst
For carnal lust and greed
No matter who he hurt.

The church, it mattered not
To them of what he did
Or that he walked in sin
And that the truth he hid.

Too messy for them to
Engage in any help.
It mattered not his wife
Was crying out for help.

Ignored her cries, they did.
Decided let it go.
Refused to do what God
Has said that they should know.

He listened not to her,
Was angered when she gave
Concern and care for him
So that his life would save.

He wanted to be free
To do what he desired
But still attached to her,
No purity required.

And then the years passed by
And not much changed at all.
The patterns had been formed
And he performed them all.

The cycle went around,
His steps she’d memorized.
She knew all of his tricks.
She’d heard all of the lies.

But love would conquer all,
She knew that she should stay
And care for him each day
And for him she should pray.

So that is what she did
And that she’s doing now.
She trusts the Lord with him
And loves him still, that’s how.

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