So We Would Worship Him

An Original Work / December 25, 2021

Jesus Christ, He died for all,
Not so we could have a ball.
Jesus in that manger lay,
So we’d worship Him and pray.

Jesus Christ, He came to earth,
So in Him we’d have new birth.
Jesus sacrificed for sin,
So that we could live in Him.

Jesus Christ, our only Lord,
Gave us grace we can’t afford.
Gift of God, God gave His Son,
Over sin the victory won!

Jesus Christ, our Savior be,
Live with Him eternally.
Crucified with Him to sin,
Now obey Him, live for Him.

Jesus Christ, take not in jest,
In His life now do invest.
Leave your lives of sin behind,
Love your neighbors, do be kind.

Jesus Christ, of Him do tell
So that folks not go to hell.
Tell them to repent of sin,
Sacrifice their lives for Him.

Jesus Christ said “Come to me,
Die to sin, and you’ll be free,
Walk with me, go where I lead,
On my word now you should feed.”

Jesus Christ – give all to Him.
Don’t turn back and live in sin.
Holy living now embrace,
Soon you’ll see Him face to face.

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