Tis a Mystery

An Original Work / May 17, 2021

Tis a myst’ry how many sleep –
Watch o’er their lives, they do not keep.
They’re not in tune with Spirit-God.
Their lives in Christ are but a fraud.

The Spirit speaks to them, and yet,
They walk away, and they forget.
They teeter-totter forth and back –
Believing, doubting, faith they lack.

Complacency is still their game,
And so, they remain just the same.
Now flittering from this or that,
They go nowhere, and that’s a fact.

It’s sometimes up and sometimes down,
But still, they remain just a clown.
Their character is fraudulent,
For of their sins, they’ll not repent.

So, Jesus calling to repent,
And of their sins they must relent,
And sacrifice their lives to God,
No longer living like a fraud.

And He’ll forgive them of their sins,
His Holy Spirit, hearts live in.
New lives in Christ they truly found,
Living in Him, they’re heaven bound.

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