Chaos, Chaos

An Original Work / September 4, 2021

Chaos, chaos in our culture
While our leaders sit as vultures
Looking whom to prey upon,
Running in their marathon.

Evil, evil in their intent,
While they cook up lies they invent,
Masquerading righteousness,
They put people in duress.

Working, working toward a goal,
They see who that they can fool,
Trap them in their careful tricks,
Let’s see who will “pick up sticks”.

One thought on “Chaos, Chaos

  1. Reblogged this on Run With It and commented:

    Yesterday the Lord gave me a poem to write which describes the condition of our world, our nations and their leaders, and the modern church of today and its leaders. We live in an age of much deception and corruption from the top down. So, we need to pray for godly wisdom so that we don’t buy into any lies.

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