Pointless! Pointless!

An Original Work / August 13, 2021

“Pointless! Pointless!” the argument says
From those from Jesus their lives they’ve fled.
They see no hope in their battle ‘gainst sin,
Because Christ Jesus they’ve not let in.

They’ve not surrendered their all to him,
But they’re still controlling everything.
They want their vict’ry, but they won’t let go,
The flesh is still so much in control.

The life they say they want, they desire,
Surrender to God’s will is required:
Death to sin, then living to our God,
Walking with our Lord in righteousness.

But they’re not willing, their flesh is in vain.
In their sinful practices they remain.
Stubbornly holding on to all their pride,
They keep hiding all their sins inside.

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