Darling, Where are You?

Many of us have loved ones we care about who are professing faith in Jesus Christ but who are not living what they profess. We are concerned for them for we can see the damage they are doing to their lives, and we know that there is a better life for them if they will repent of their sins and walk with God. So, this is a letter to our loved ones:

Darling, Where are You?

An Original Work / June 26, 2021

Darling, where are you tonight?
Has your heart now taken flight?
Business as usual? Tell a fib?
Pretending righteousness?
Is that your gig?

Dearest, what love now pursuing?
Are you cruising for a bruising?
Tell tale signs of something not right
Suggesting truthfulness
Is not in sight.

Dear one, what’s your temperature?
Are you cold and unconcerned?
Are you hot to trot on this night
To engage in what you
know is not right?

Darling, when will you awake
To the fact you’ve made mistakes
That are costing what you could have
If you’d do what is right
And not do bad?

Dearest, there’s a life for you
Better than you’re going through.
Freedom is being offered you
If your sins you’ll leave and
Abide in truth.

Dear One, please take this to heart,
So, from your God you not depart.
Surrender your life all to HIM.
Turn now from your sins and
Live in freedom.

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