An Original Work / October 21, 2020

Pondering my heart’s desire,
Lord, of You, I must inquire,
What, of me, do You require
So that I obey Your will?

Living in a situation,
Often found in tribulation,
Want to sing in jubilation,
My heart Holy Spirit fill.

Be my vision, live Your mission,
Circumstances not conditions,
Dedication to Your vision,
May my heart to You obey.

Sacrifices, holy to You,
Sword of Spirt, through hearts pierce You,
Humble hearts we submit to You,
Lives surrendered all today.

Love unending to You bending,
Lifestyles are not cool or trending,
On the altar to Christ friending,
Contrite hearts, He’ll not despise.

Holy Spirit leading witness,
Must now be about Christ’s business,
Godly living, life of fitness,
No more dead, but now alive!

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