In This Crazy World

An Original Work / March 11, 2020

In this crazy world of ours,
With emotions flying high,
With fear mongers at their worst
Blowing everything sky high,

Can we trust in what they say?
Do their words even make sense?
Is it logical to say
That a few is an event?

An agenda, do they have?
Is it clear to you right now?
That the purpose of it all –
To the beast that we should bow?

So discerning we must be.
Must not buy into everything.
The deceiver has his tricks,
That we might bow to him as king.

God gave us all our minds,
And we need to put to use
In discerning all the lies,
And in seeing the abuse.

They want us all to be afraid.
So to capture us, they will,
If we all don’t use our brains,
And we swallow every pill.

So, turn off the television,
And the media, alike,
And spend time with your Lord
Asking him what’s up with life.

Pray he gives you much discernment,
And the knowledge of his will,
To not buy into every story
That comes to us from The Hill.

For, the book of Revelation
Foretold this long ago,
That a beast would rise and take us
Where we do not want to go.

So, we must, we must resist him,
And not buy into his lies,
So he does not overtake us
And we get a huge surprise.

We must follow Jesus, Savior,
Where’er he leads to go,
And the Word of God He’s given,
We must truly, truly know.

For there is a great deceiver
Who is up to all his tricks,
And he wants to capture Christians
With his lies, so no one flicks.

So, take time to sit and listen
To the Lord and what he says
About our present circumstances
And then rest in him, instead.

Let the Word of God fill up you
With his promises, for sure,
And the peace of God o’ertake you,
So you don’t bite the “worry lure.”

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