Don’t Let the Raindrops

An Original Work / January 2, 2020

Don’t let the raindrops
Spoil your day.
Don’t let the clamoring
Get in the way.
Don’t let opinions
And thoughts of the millions
Impact how you’re feeling.
Trust God, bow and pray.

Don’t let your feelings
Rule what you do.
Don’t let misgivings
Affect your life, too.
Don’t let the stages
Of life with its phases
Lead you through the ages.
Let God’s Word lead you.

Don’t trust in idols.
They cannot help.
Don’t trust in princes,
Or in yourself.
Don’t trust in anything
That is not leading you
To follow in God’s way.
Obey now your Lord.

Don’t live defeated
because you’re mistreated.
Don’t let emotions
Ruin devotions.
Don’t let the enemy
Ruin your energy,
And stop your ministry.
Live victoriously!

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