His Gentle Whisper

An Original Work / December 12, 2019

In the stillness of the moment,
As I sit here in the silence,
I am talking with my Savior,
And I’m listening for His kindness.

I can hear His gentle whisper,
As He breaks through all the hush,
And He tells me that He loves me,
Which He does, so very much.

As He tenderly instructs me,
In what He is all about,
I can feel the urge within me,
To let out a great big SHOUT!

For you see, I love my Savior,
And I love my times with Him,
When He reaches down in kindness,
And He shares a part of Him.

I love everything about Him,
His great power, so divine,
And His tender mercies given,
When the words I cannot find.

He knows everything about me,Run with it
And He loves me, just the same,
For He made me for a purpose,
That my life with Him I’d gain.

He reached down from all His glory,
And He chose me to be His,
That I might yet be His servant,
And for Him, my life I’d live.

So, I thank Him and I praise Him,
That He cared so much for me,
That He’d give Himself up for me
When He died upon a tree.

But, that’s not the end of story,
For He rose up from the grave,
That from sin I’d be delivered,
And that by His grace I’m saved.

And, so now He lives within me,
Giving guidance all the way,
So that I can live all for Him,
Doing what He says each day.

So, I thank Him and I praise Him,
For His great love so divine,
That He didn’t leave me helpless,
So true love, in Him, I’d find.

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