Churning, Burning

An Original Work / November 30, 2019

Heartless, callous, given to pride,
Cruel masters, side by side,
Churning, burning, inside out,
Leading people, God to doubt.

Winsome lovers of the flesh,
Oh, their sins they do caress.
Given to mockery, for a laugh,
Then, on purpose, make a gaffe.

Hiding all their sins, in pride,
They take people for a ride.
Big deceivers, known for tricks,
They hurt people just for kicks.

Laughing all their way to hell,
They mock God, and lies do tell.
Mysteries are in their bag,
While the innocent they gag.

Lovers, lovers of themselves,
They put God up on the shelf.
No regard for what He tells,
They are all about what sells.

Products, gimmicks, fun galore,
While God’s truth they do abhor.
Risky business, none do care,
If God’s righteousness they wear.

Numbers, numbers, please the crowd,
No humility; they’re proud.
People pleasing, that’s their deal,
Make the world love us, they feel.

God’s Word, they rebuke, in fun,
So the people’s hearts, they’ve won.
Keep them laughing, back for more,
Keep them rolling on the floor.

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