An Original Work / May 30, 2018

Time, it isn’t on our side.20200122_022753
Clocks are ticking. Hours go by.
Satan’s lurking ‘round the bend.
Life eternal’s without end.

See, the church is fast asleep.
Satan’s dressed like Li’l Bo Peep.
Gospel message watered down.
Many preachers act like clowns.

Pornographic Liter’ture
In the pockets of “mature.”
Scanty clothing all around.
Decency is rarely found.

Make excuses, then God blame:
Follow Him? “Now, that’s insane!”
Turn from your sin? “Surely not!”
Obey His Word? “That’s a plot!”

Follow idols? “Surely do.”
Watch what’s garbage? “So, what’s new?”
Television fries your minds;
Mystifies you; makes you blind.

Listen, then, the Word of God –
Nurtures sheep with staff and rod.
Hope, in truth is surely found.
Heaven’s home is where I’m bound.

Follow Jesus where He leads.
Listen to Him. His Word heed.
He forgives you of your sins.
Walk in freedom, cleansed within.

Forsake idols. Glad you’ll be.
Live with Him eternally.
Soon He’s coming back for you.
Live in vict’ry. Trust what’s true.

You’ll be surely glad you did,
When, in Jesus, you’re now hid.

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