You’re Always Near

An Original Work / April 5, 2018
Based off Psalm 138

With all of my heart,
I praise You.
Before other gods,
I sing Your praise.

To You, I bow down
In worship.
Your unfailing love
Leads me always.

When I called to You,
You listened.
Your answer to me
Strengthened my heart.

Your kindness to me
Assures me,
Of Your love for me
Right from the start.

May everyone sing
Of Jesus.
He pardoned our sins;
Gave us new life.

In trouble, I walk.
You’re near me.
Though enemies roar,
You keep my life.

You stretched out Your hand
To save me.
For my foes assail
What they won’t hear.

Your love so endures
From us, not depart.
You’re always near.

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