I Will Not Cave

An Original Work / April 7, 2021

What’s weighing on my heart tonight?
So many things that just aren’t right.
A list of them, I have not made.
But into them, I will not cave.

I give them all to Christ alone
Who for my sins He did atone.
How beautiful the love of Him
Who cares for me – not on my own.

I worry not, oh, come what may.
I’ve no control of what they say.
It’s all, it’s all in God’s own hands.
On Him, I’ve taken up my stand.

My future’s all by God’s design.
My good, I know He has in mind.
Without Him, I would fall apart.
He is my Lord. He has my heart.

So, one step, two step, three step, four,
I’m daily trusting more and more.
Yes! Letting Jesus have his way.
I’m bowing to Him, as I pray.

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