When God is Silent

An Original Work / April 19, 2018

Do you ever have times
When God is silent?
You know that on him
You are so reliant.

If to you he speaks not,
You have none to say.
You call out to Him,
Seek His face for always.

You ask Him to show you
What’s deep in your heart.
You want to be sure
You, from Him, not depart.

You want to make certain
Your heart, in right place.
You don’t want distance
From your Lord, so you pray.

If there has been something
That you have done wrong,
Would that He show you,
For to Him, you belong.

Yet, when He is silent,
You draw close to Him,
You want to listen,
Pay attention to Him.

You don’t take for granted,
What He’s given you.
Your heart longs for Him,
That your heart, He’d renew.

So, silence is golden,
As the saying goes,
For, in the silence,
For your Lord, your love grows.

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