Talk Talk Talk

Many people are living in addiction to sin and yet cover it up with displays of righteousness. They talk the walk, but they don’t live it.

Run With It

An Original Work / November 3, 2019

Talk, talk, talk –
When you going to walk?
Baby in a crib –
All you do is fib.

Idle talk you give.
To Him you don’t live.
Misinterpreting Him,
So that you can sin.

You know what is true.
To Him, you know what’s due.
Don’t pretend you don’t,
Just because you won’t.

Actors in a hall,
Saying “Let’s play ball!”
To you, it’s all a game,
And so you stay the same.

Holding on to sin,
Crucifying Him
By the life you live.
Your heart, to Him, not give.

Why not drop the masks?
Answer Him who asks,
“Why forsaking Him
To live in your sin?”

Why not tell the truth?
You are so uncouth.
Lust is driving you
To do the things you do.

Why not surrender all
To Him who’s given all
To set you free from sin

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