Down in The Dumps

We are not promised an easy life. Sometimes, too, we wait and we hope for things to be different, but it seems they go on forever. It is in these times that we need to remember that God has all things under his control, and we just have to trust him and keep waiting on him.

Run With It

An Original Work / January 29, 2019

Do you ever get down in the dumps?
You’ve certainly taken your lumps.
Discouragement’s settling in.
You wonder if you’ll ever win.

Time seems to not be your best friend.
You wonder if this will e’er end.
Will you ever see the light of day?
You cry, and you hope, and you pray.

But, time then goes on with no change.
You wish it would all rearrange.
You wonder, is this all you’ll see.
A miracle’s not meant to be?

Things keep going on as they were.
True change, of which you can’t be sure,
Elusive seems to you right now.
So, humbly, on your knees you bow.

You have no control of this, see? –
This working of your enemy.
For, God has permitted it now,
That one day, all would to him bow.

He prophesied these days would come.
When evil…

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