Don’t Let My Death…

We all go through stuff in this life. We all have had our failures and our successes. Sometimes our failures can be overwhelming for us, and we may beat ourselves up over them. That accomplishes nothing. But, rather than just forgetting them and moving forward, which we need to do, we need to learn from them, as well, so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes. And, we need to forgive ourselves, too.

T.R. Noble wrote a wonderful poem about a lesson that she learned about acting on the promptings of our hearts and of the Holy Spirit, because if we don’t, when we sense we should, sometimes we miss those opportunities, and they are gone. So, we need to learn to act promptly on what the Lord is showing us, and on what he is prompting us to do, so that we don’t have lost opportunities that we later regret.

So, please check out T.R.’s poem, for it speaks volumes to this subject: Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason.


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