Time Tells

An Original Work / January 22, 2020

Tick Tock, hear the clock.
Days are passing by.
What’s your status?
What’s your practice?
Can you them deny?

Time tells, speaks the truth,
Does not tell a lie.
What’s your coping?
Are you doping?
Godliness defy?

Ink well, write a spell.
What is that you think?
Pretty pictures?
Visual blunders?
That is all the stink?

For real, what’s the deal?
Gotta have some fun?
Your attainment,
When your day is done?

Play fool, not so cool.
Life you falsify,
While ignoring
What abhorring
In the by and by.

Do tell, what’s your spin?
What’s your life imply?
Time is changing,
What you can’t deny.

What now? What to do?
Stop your masquerade!
Truth be telling,
Lies be felling.
Trust in God always!

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