An Original Work / October 9, 2019

What’s pulling on your heartstrings tonight?

Is it concern over a loved one who’s dying?
Or o’er someone who’s sad, who is crying?

Is it money that seems not to come
When you direly need to have some?

Is it fire destroying all that’s around?
Or, is it water that’s not to be found?

Is it that you are treated unfairly?
And kindness received seems all but rarely?

Do you often feel misunderstood?
And, that hate is returned for your good?

Is it that those you trust now betray you?
That their faithfulness is fully untrue?

Are you burdened for those who are lost
In their sins, who’ve not come to the cross?

Do you care they are caught in a snare?
And, clean garments they have not to wear?

Are you burdened so many addicted
To what on the screen is depicted?

Does it pain you that marriages are broken?
And lies are what often are spoken?

And that families are being torn apart?
Because light not preferred, but the dark?

Do you pray for those for whom you’re burdened?
That from their sins they’d be delivered?

Do you trust the Lord now with your life?
And, give your heart not up to strife?

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