New Vision

An Original Work / November 28, 2018

Walking wounded,
Are you listening?
Truth abounding,
Ever glistening.

Jesus Christ
Is your salvation.
Learn of Him
In revelation.

Holy Bible,
Word of living,
Grace of God
To us is giving.

Jesus Christ
Gave His life for us,
So through faith
We’d be forgiven.

Turn from your sins,
Trust in Jesus,
Follow Him where’er
He leads us.

Peace of God you
Now have in you.
Holy Spirit
Comfort to you.

Grace abounding,
Be His witness,
Telling others
His blood frees us.

No more trapped by
Jesus Christ gives
Us new vision.

Feel His loving arms
Around you.
He is love,
By His grace found you.

Rescued you from
Hell’s dominion.
Freeing you to
Walk in freedom.

Praise to God for
How He leads us,
Gently, lovingly
He feeds us.

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