Man and Wife

I now pronounce you man and wife,
Now go and live together life,
And love each other, say a prayer,
Your love not get in disrepair.

For life, it has its ups and downs,
And romance may not hang around,
And prettiness not always be,
Especially when two become three.

Love depends not on emotions,
Love enhanced by our devotion,
Loyalty to vows now taken,
Faithfulness not now forsaken.

Giving of ourselves to other,
And not living undercover,
Honesty in all we offer,
Love each other that much stronger.

An Original Work / May 8, 2023

5 thoughts on “Man and Wife

  1. Reblogged this on Run With It and commented:

    The Lord gave me this poem to write about marriage. I posted it on my other site, but I want to also share it on because we all need reminders of the importance of loving our spouses as we ought to love them.


    1. I actually thought of your song as I was writing the poem, Annie. Oh, and congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary, too. Wonderful!! So happy for you two! Oh, I am not familiar with Sound Cloud but I will check it out and look for you there. Thank you. I appreciate you.


      1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that, Annie. Yes, I am technically challenged, too, but I am married to someone who worked in IT (the computer industry) for 40 years, so I have inside tech support, when he is available. And he and I worked on your songs together. I am glad to see your beautiful songs out in the public where others can hear them, too. I still love to listen to them, but I have my favorites. 🙂


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