Casting Our Cares on Him (Poem)

Casting all our cares on Him,
Jesus Christ, our hearts did win,
Now surrender all to Him,
All our sins are forgiven.

Walking in His daily care,
Keeps us from sin’s deadly snare,
Follow Him where’er He leads,
Daily on His word do feed.

Fellowshipping with our Lord,
Walking with Him, one accord,
Doing all that He commands,
On His words we take our stand.

Loving Father, Jesus, Lord,
Gave salvation, not afford,
Gift of God, receive from Him,
Walking daily free from sin.

Obey freely Lord, our God,
Faith in Jesus not a fraud,
Forsake sins to follow Christ,
Not to sin are we enticed.

Our desire to be like Him,
Our lights we are not to dim,
Share the gospel, others love,
Be a witness from above.

An Original Work / November 2, 2022

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