Father’s Day

Did you or do you have an abusive father? Have you had struggles dealing with that on Father’s Day? Are you struggling with bitterness or unforgiveness? Is your heart wounded? Do you need healing? God the Father loves you and his purpose for you is for your good, not to harm you. So let him heal your broken heart.

Run With It

“Father’s Day” in America is a day once a year that is designated specifically for us to honor our earthly fathers. For those who have or who have had earthly fathers who are or who were great, or who are or were just okay, the day may be a day of rejoicing and celebration of the man they know or that they knew as “Dad.”

Sadly, that is not everyone’s experience. Many people have or have had abusive fathers or fathers who deserted them and their mothers, and so they have nothing to celebrate. The day is a day of sadness for them, instead. And if their fathers are still living, and they do still see their fathers, they may struggle deeply with how to show honor to them.

For example, my dad was an abuser in the worst possible ways. And I don’t use that word “abuse” lightly, either…

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