An Original Work / October 15, 2018

Tricked by masters
Duped by fools
Conned by artists
Using tools

They pull the wool
Over eyes
Always catch folks
By surprise

Clever crafters
Do their tricks
Searching victims
Them to prick

Be on your guard
Trust in Your Lord

Don’t be quick to
Judge the case
How it looks may
Be a maze

Not much is as
It appears
Much, instead, is
“smoke and mirrors”

PSX_20210413_202212Diligent, you
Must pursue
What is truth so
Not be fooled

Pray for wisdom
Keep eyes glued
Listen fully
You’ll be clued

Read your Bible
Kneel and pray
Follow Jesus
Every day

Holy Spirit
Will impart
Wisdom needed
From the start

Obey fully
Yield to God
Perform not nor
Be a fraud

Hypocrites are
Faithful ones not

Don’t tricks follow
Open eyes
To the truth and
Let Lord guide

He will lead you
In right way
If you follow
Him today

Don’t be duped by
What sounds good
Best to check now
Under hood

Give your life now
Up to Christ
Let him rule now
All your life

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