Purity’s Principle

An Original Work / May 26, 2020

Why, my beloved,
Do you search near and far
For what never will satisfy
Your deep longings of heart?

Why must you flitter
From here and to there
Seeking for pleasure
In other affairs?

You seek not the wisdom
Of God in your heart.
From Godly counsel
You ever depart.

While playing your games,
The clock keeps ticking by
While you waste away time,
And God’s patience you try.

You certainly think that God
Does not keep track
Of your many adulteries,
While purity you lack.

Or else this you think –
God will not notice, not care
that although you snub Him,
you think you’re His heir.

So, let me be quick
To point out to you truth.
God’s Word not agrees with you
Who are uncouth.

God certainly cares when you
Leave Him for lust.
Yes, God is so loving,
But also He’s just.

Our Lord did not die
On that cross that sad day
Just to forgive you so
With sin you’d play.

Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Gave His life for our sins
So we’d live victoriously,
Holy within.

To sin and to self
We must die with our Lord,
And fellowship with Him,
Walk with Him, one accord.

The lust of our eyes,
Pride of life, must forsake,
If fellowship with our Lord God
We partake.

In holiness now we must walk,
Faith within,
Empowered by God,
Holy Spirit live in.

6 thoughts on “Purity’s Principle

  1. Thank you Sue. Your testimony is very beautiful and God glorifying. Having been a survivor of abuse too and struggling with PTSD I have firsthand knowledge how painful things are. I can’t hold a stressful job without falling into depression and I failed to walk faithfully. For the past 6 years I have been addicted to video games etc because of how bleak my life is. Your blog post here is a wake up call for me to forsake those pleasures and return to Him. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Esther. Oh, I am so glad to hear that this blog post encouraged you to forake your addictions and to follow The way of the cross with your life. Glory to God! Praying you stay the course and that you don’t let your circumstances weigh you down.


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