This is very good on the subject of suffering and trust in God.

from a spark to a flame

Have you ever wished God would just plonk down on the end of your bed and give you a straight answer to whatever your heart is wrestling with? Have you ever wished that God would give you a five-year plan so that you could know the right choices to make, when to say Yes or No, when to stay put and when to walk away? Yeah?! Me too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel God’s presence and I see God’s goodness in so much. I get to witness his provision and protection over my family and me in the most incredible ways. I’ve seen friends make 60-mile journeys on an empty tank and with a dead battery.  I’ve heard of cheques being posted through the door, for exact amounts needed, at the right time. I have had encounters where I’ve bumped into the right person and a conversation has…

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