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January 20, 2018

The Lord Jesus put it on my heart several weeks ago to write a book titled “I Married My Dad.” This book is the story of my life, first with my dad, and then with my husband, and it describes the parallels between both. It is a story of heartache, abuse, betrayal, abandonment, personal failures, and fears. Yet, it is also a story of hope, healing, forgiveness, restoration and of deliverance. Glory to God!

The book begins with a summary of who we are and what led up to me eventually being led to write this book. The first and second entries have the book title, “I Married My Dad.” All entries after that will have a chapter number, and the title given to that specific chapter.

Following the first entry, About Us, is a “forward” for the book, written by my husband, Rick Love, where he shares, in his own words, some of his own personal struggles, and how he believes that has affected our marriage.

After that, the first three chapters will give you an overview, hitting the hot (low) spots, of our marriage of 45 years, including some of my history prior to our marriage. Following that are two journal entries, and then after those is a series of writings on what God has been teaching me over the years with regard to the trials I have gone through, and what he has taught me and is still teaching me through them.

I pray this book will serve as an encouragement and help to both those who are the sexually addicted, who need deliverance, some of whom have also suffered emotional wounds, and to the spouses of the addicted, that they may all find healing for their wounded hearts in Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was wounded for us on a cross so that we might go free.

Thank you for reading,

Sue J Love





Rick & Sue Love